Pioneer Machine, Inc.

31 Harding Road - Albion, ME 04910 - (207) 437-9281 - Fax (207) 437-2731


As a manual machine shop, Pioneer Machine handles an endless variety of fabrication jobs – from personal tools to mill parts – for commercial, industrial, and residential clients. Our general capabilities include small production and prototype.

We provide bending, cutting, sawing, counterboring, countersinking in a variety of materials including alloys, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and plastics and routinely work to a tolerance of .005 inches.

Intricate fabrication of small unitsIntricate fabrication of small unitsSonar Buoy FrameSonar Buoy Frame


Fabrication of large and odd sized partsFabrication of large and odd sized parts

Center support for a spiral staircaseCenter support for a spiral staircase

Stainless steel diamond plate unit for fire truckStainless steel diamond plate unit for fire truck