Pioneer Machine, Inc.

31 Harding Road - Albion, ME 04910 - (207) 437-9281


Pioneer Machine is a full-service, small, but highly capable manual machine shop that has provided services to the area since 1985. Our services include fabrication, repair, manufacturing, machining, milling, turning, drilling, MIG and TIG welding, assembly, and finishing. We also work on small hydraulic components.

Our diverse clients work in many fields including agriculture, commercial, construction, heavy equipment, marine, industrial, manufacturing, forestry, hydro, business, transportation, and the general public.

Pioneer Machine is equipped with manual lathes, conventional milling and drilling machines, boring mills, honing equipment, hydraulic torquing machines, and a variety of other support equipment.

Pioneer Machines' capabilities also include the production of marine parts such as fabrication of rudders and various boat parts, and repair of propellers and shafts. Pioneer did most of the stainless steel galley work for local schooners, Appledore I and II.

Our machinists can make repairs to existing equipment or build new fixtures from scratch, saving you time and money instead of looking for hard-to-find replacement parts or broken equipment.

Pioneer offers one-of-a-kind solutions with an extensive variety of equipment, machine tools, materials, and innovative problem solving. Pioneer employees have decades of experience to manufacture the finest custom parts, machines, and components that meet the exact needs of our customers

Fabricating small parts from printsFabricating small parts from printsProduction of industrial sized fans and storage unitsProduction of industrial sized fans and storage units


Fabrication of conveyor sectionsFabrication of conveyor sections

Manufacutring buoy partsManufacutring buoy parts

1 Cutting stockCutting stock

Prop BladesProp Blades