Pioneer Machine, Inc.

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Our skilled employees possess extensive knowledge in diagnosing, repairing, and testing hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. We are intimately familiar with major name brands and regularly work on hydraulic cylinders used on cranes, dump trucks, forestry machines, marine vessels, and many other types of industrial or heavy equipment.

We work on single action, telescoping, dual, and multi-stage cylinders of most sizes in all types of equipment from heavy machinery to small cylinders on lift gates. We will disassemble, weld, turn, reassemble and test your cylinders. Our complete fabrication and machine shop can provide immediate solutions to your problems.

Pioneer Machine carries an extensive inventory of regular and induction hard chrome rod and hydraulic tubing.

Repairing cylindersRepairing cylinders

Newly refurbished and painted hyco cylinderNewly refurbished and painted hyco cylinderCylinders waiting for repairCylinders waiting for repair


Repair of Prince tie rod cylinderRepair of Prince tie rod cylinder