Pioneer Machine, Inc.

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Pioneer Machine is your source for all repairs and service on your hydraulic, pneumatic, and cylinder components.

At Pioneer, we specialize in hydraulic systems, quality hydraulic parts, and the repair or manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders. Many times, Pioneer Machine can repair, refurbish, or manufacture hydraulic cylinder and pneumatic components from scratch, including rods, pistons, glands, and tubes.

We have a rich and varied experience in handling specific problems pertaining to wear and tear of hydraulic cylinder tubes, rods, and piston ring damage among other areas. We service a variety of industries including residential, agricultural, construction, industrial, municipalities, hydro, forestry, paper, heavy equipment, marine, alternative energy, food processing, and commercial.

Our fully equipped shop includes hydraulic and pneumatic tubing and pipe, rod, seals, packing kits, fittings, adapters, and hoses. Reliable, efficient, well-maintained hydraulics help you do more every day while keeping costs in line.

Hydraulic cylinder repairsHydraulic cylinder repairsRepair of cylinders from light or heavy duty equipmentRepair of cylinders from light or heavy duty equipment


Parker hydraulic fittingsParker hydraulic fittings

2 Hydraulic sealsHydraulic seals

Repair or replacement of cylinders hoses and adaptersRepair or replacement of cylinders hoses and adapters